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Janice Giles has made art in one form or another for most of her life.


She has worked with pen and ink, explored oil painting, water colours, airbrushing, fabric printing, and all types of drawing mediums. Her current preferred medium is acrylic in all its forms. She is a self-taught painter, with a variety of subject material, and she works in various styles. Her current preference is abstraction with all its challenges, but she is also experimenting with a return to the influence of figurative work. Recently, Janice has branched into working with a printing press and is enjoying those processes very much.


Janice is a member of the Tauranga Society of Artists and was delighted to receive the Tauranga Society of Artists Supreme Annual Art Award in 2011. Since then she has achieved runner up position and a merit in that award. In addition, Janice has been a finalist in the Molly Morpeth Canaday Art Awards; The Rotorua Museum Art Awards and, most recently, the Venetta Miles Art Awards in The Tauranga Art Gallery.


Three successful solo exhibitions since 2010 have encouraged Janice to develop her skills and range. She continues to participate in numerous group exhibitions her work hangs in local galleries and in private collections in New Zealand, Turkey, Japan, Australia and Singapore.


Janice has a diploma in drawing therapy, and a post graduate diploma in expressive therapies from AUT University which included working therapeutically with a variety of non-verbal mediums. She experiences art as a valuable resource for making meaning in our complex world. Her own art and mark making can expose unvoiced thoughts in the development of her relationship with the work in progress, and the process takes her to unexpected places.


Janice continues to experiment with a variety of techniques and loves the experience of constant learning that comes with that exploration.


Further information about Janice’s work can be found at: http://tauranga.kete.net.nz/tauranga_artists/topics/show/179-janice-giles


I am experimenting with the excitement of printmaking.

Expect to see more: linocuts; collagraphs; intaglio; monoprints; and, other limited edition hand-made reproductions in the near future.

A/P:       Artists Proof. The print made for the artists approval. The ‘edition’ aspired to this quality.

3/20:    This is the third print made of an edition of 20. A maximum of 20 copies will be made.

EV:         This means that, while this may be a limited edition print, each copy may be treated   differently - printed on different background for example.

Monoprint:  The print is only made once.

Rag paper: The paper includes 50% cotton to make it more durable when processes include working 'wet'.

Hand made paper; Because the paper is irregular there will be more imperfections in the print.